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CONDUIT, S. A. de C.V., steel tubing/pipe manufacturer: RYMCO, is a proudly Mexican company which started operations in the beginning of the 80’s, and now with more than 30 years of experience giving our clients the best quality in products as well as excellent service.

As the company grew organically and as the market required, in 2004 our second production facility in Monclova Coahuila was enlarged to offer more variety of products to our clients.

Being our only policy “EXCELLENT QUALITY & SERVICE”, we use our top quality machinery which guarantees all our RYMCO products.

We rely as well on different certifications that allow us to sell first in the national Mexican market and at the same time to export to the United States, Canada, and Central America: With our Logo “Made in Mexico” and the ANCE, IMSS, and UL certifications, we assure our clients the good quality.

"The directive board and all the employees that work in this, your trusted company, are here to SERVE YOU”